Smith & Wesson M1900-1 Leg Irons Shackles Restraints
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Smith and Wesson are the standard handcuffs by which all others are measured.  In use by more police departments in America than any other brand.  This is an improved version of their venerable leg irons.  This new version is adjusts both larger and smaller than most.  The unique size and shape of the bow provides a range of adjustment from 8 to 11 inches around and have a very unusual appearance. 

This set is exactly the same setup that jails and prisons use for transporting dangerous prisoners.  So whether you need a set of solid restraints for your line of duty activities  or are interested in an addition to your restraint collection, these are quite the item.  No theatrical dungeon would be complete without a full set of steel restraints.  

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Smith & Wesson M1900-1 Leg Irons Shackles Restraints

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