Posey Model 8118 Strait Jacket
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This is a real Posey strait jacket, made by an industry leader in medical restraints.  This  is arguably, the best medical strait jacket available. 

Totally secure, this restraint features three separate strap loops (one in front and one on each side) for the subject's arms to go through before the sleeves buckle in the rear.  The crotch strap will prevent the jacket from being pulled up over the head.  This is not a trick jacket, when properly fitted and applied there is very little chance of escape.  Size small is pictured.  

This product is exactly the same item that hospitals use for dangerous subjects.  So whether you need a set of solid restraints for your line of duty activities  or are interested in an authentic item for your restraint collection, this is it. 


Posey size guide.  We have found that most people like a snugger fit than what is provided below.  These are all cotten and can shrink.

 Red Small 112-160 (51-73) 31-37 (79-94)

 Green Medium 135-203 (61-92) 35-40 (89-102)

 Yellow Large 160-225 (73-102) 38-44 (97-112)

 Blue X-Large 180-247 (82-112) 42-48 (107-122)


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Posey Model 8118 Strait Jacket

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